• Dave Roverts

    Dave Roverts

  • Lawahle Bn Abiola

    Lawahle Bn Abiola

  • Ardhikarafi


  • Evaldo Klock

    Evaldo Klock

  • Wendell S. Misiedjan

    Wendell S. Misiedjan

    On The Road To 42, Studying Life, Technology, Computer Engineering, The Universe and everything.

  • Fulvio C Canducci Dias

    Fulvio C Canducci Dias

    Bacharel em Sistemas de Informação, MTAC (Multi-Plataform Technical Audience Contributor-Microsoft), BackEnd C# e PHP e Developer Web

  • Victor


    Programmer, Open Source enthusiast, Brazilian living in Canada since 2010.

  • S M Anwarul Islam

    S M Anwarul Islam

    Always striving to learn new things and improve my knowledge | A tech enthusiast | Front-end Developer on a Journey to the Backend | Perfection is My Habit

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